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A Career At Kawasaki

career1 We are a leader in our industry because of our greatest asset – our employees!

Kawasaki offers careers, not jobs. We value the knowledge, skills and experience that every employee brings to the team and we offer a variety of positions that allows each employee to excel. We believe in giving every employee a chance to succeed and grow by providing learning and career path opportunities.


Our Core Values help define our workforce success – 
    Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Adaptability, Communication, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills

Why Work At Kawasaki

Why not?

Our engines are world renowned for verified power, reliability and efficiency. Our employees are considered to be the core aspect of our success. We hire for workplace values and accountability; and promote employee development. We provide an excellent benefits, compensation and perks package. We are in the heart of America and therefore are a customer focused workforce dedicated to environmental and quality processes. We live in and support our communities, implementing a robust Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.


"Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet."


Here at Kawasaki Maryville, each position is key in itself to the department, to the process and to the company. Selecting the right position for you will ensure the utilization of your unique skills and abilities. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced professional, you’ve come to the right place to find the best opportunity for you. Here are the areas we recruit:


Our Die Casting, Machining and Assembly team member careers offer a variety of opportunities for safety oriented, quality minded and responsible people to be a part of the foundational and key functions of a high end product. The best make the best.


Employees knowledgeable in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are critical to our status as a leader in this industry. A variety of technical positions in our Quality, Maintenance, Engineering and Information Systems departments offer positions requiring technical skills specific to its vocation or professional standards.

These positions are: Maintenance Team Member, Engineering Technician, Quality Technician, Lab Technician, Information Systems Technician and Drafting Technician.


As a global technology leader, our purpose is to add new value for a better environment and brighter future for all generations. We want to employ individuals who possess the most current and experiential knowledge and can apply themselves to the continual improvement and product advancement for our customers.
Critical Thinking, Lean Manufacturing Methodologies, Engineering Principles, Teambuilding, Leadership, Profession Specific Education and a continued focus on learning are all attributes necessary in our professional positions of: Purchasing Agent, Engineers, Accountants, Programmers, Systems Analyst and Occupational Health Nurse.

Administrative and Support

As with any fine-tuned machine, in between the theory and the application, are those that bring it all together. Our positions that are the glue that hold us together are: Assistants, Administrators, Specialists, and Service Attendants.

Management and Leadership

Kawasaki’s Management and Leadership team provides the strategic and day-to-day direction that allows others to fully commit and contribute to our mission and vision. Promoting from within and interaction with corporate personnel insures that our proven manufacturing philosophies are implemented to maintain and improve our position as a leader in this industry and an employer of choice.

Kawasaki Maryville Internal Positions

Current Kawasaki Maryville employees click here to see available job opportunities to continue your growth, knowledge and success.

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